Getting there

Access to Outlet Park from Szczecin city center:

Mapka dojazdu od Centrum

– once you have left the center, go along Eskadrowa St. and Hangarowa St.,
– past the junction of Struga and Gryfińska St. and behind the railway bypass.

Access to Outlet Park Szczecin from Stargard/Gdańsk/Świnoujście:

Mapka dojazdu od strony Stargardu

– once you get into Szczecin, go along Szosa Stargardzka Rd. heading to the city center,
– just behind the big intersection of Zwierzyniecka and Kurza Streets take the right lane and go right before the flyover (direction: Dąbie),
– go to the roundabout under the flyover,
– leave the roundabout at the third exit,
– go straight on (about 500 meters) until you reach Outlet Park

Public transport

normal bus lines: 71, 77, (bus stop Wiosenna) 73,79, (bus stop Struga)
express bus lines: B, D, (bus stop Wiosenna) G, (bus stop Struga)
GPS N 53.380455, E 14.670986


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