Cinema Helios Szczecin Outlet Park has 7 air-conditioned rooms equipped with high-class sound and video projection system, as well as Harkness pearl screens. In the comfortable seats of renowned company Figueras mounted in Helios cinema can sit at the same time 1403 spectators.

Extra offer

Helios Cinema beyond standard movie showings  offers also:

  • special, pre-premiere movie shows (with participation of artists),
  • film marathons,
  • film festivals,
  • competitions,
  • shows for school groups and business companies.

Helios is also the ideal place to perform unconventional marketing campaigns. Our offer is targeted at large and medium-sized enterprises willing in effective and attractive way reach their customers through BTL activities . Due to the low cost it is also a very attractive offer for small local businesses wishing to present their products and services.

We offer cooperation in the following areas:

  • purchase of tickets at lower prices,
  • organization of a special film show for your employees or customers,
  • organization of a special event with a film show on such occasion like Christmas, Children Day etc.

We also facilitate to  reach your customers through issuing:

  • advertisements on our screens before the start of a film,
  • conduct a promotion campaign in a cinema hall (distribution of leaflet, brochures, samples, etc.),
  • print of your advert on the back side of a ticket.

We are sure, that our proposals will meet your interest

tel. +48 +48 91 48 39 137
Opening hours
Opening hours